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Why you should own and carry a stun gun:

It is the only protection that you can carry in your hand. You can't carry a knife or gun in your hand anywhere.
With a specialty stun gun from TuffGrandma.com, you retain the element of surprise - the assailant doesn't know what you have in your hand (an attacker would think that you are carrying a harmless flashlight or phone). Carrying a specialty stun gun clearly gives you the advantage. Anything over 2 million volts will put the attacker on the ground. You can get away, take out your gun, or call the police. This gives you time to assess the situation and make a decision that best suits you.

If you have children, the pull pin stun gun (such as the Small Fry) is a great choice since the gun is completely disarmed when the pin is out. Also, if you are concerned about an attacker using your own stun gun against you, the pull pin stun gun can be strapped around your wrist. When the strap is around your wrist, should the stun gun be pulled away from you, the pin will remain with the strap disabling the stun gun power. If you ever lose the pin, call for a replacement at no cost to you.

Buy any two or more stun guns and receive free pepper spray (in leather case) per each stun gun purchased.

(A $10 Value)



Stealth flashlight stun gun

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iStun Stun Gun

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The Guard Dog Stealth flashlight stun gun is a sleek flashlight with concealed stunning capabilities. The hidden probes of the Stealth flashlight stun gun lie within the outer layer of this 7.45 inch flashlight. They are never seen unless required. The 110 lumen flashlight serves more than efficient as an everyday practical flashlight. With the swift movement of the safety-switch, the Stealth turns into a powerful self defense device, capable of protecting against violent crime before it happens. The Stealth flashlight stun gun is surrounded from top to bottom with an attractive rubbished armor and serves ideal for everyday use and for unexpected circumstances.

  • Powerful 4,000,000 volt stun gun!
  • Built-in 110 lumen flashlight
  • No visible probes!
  • Fully rubberized non-slip body
  • Safety switch to prevent accidental discharge
  • Swift one hand operation of all functions
  • Includes nylon carry case
  • Fully rechargeable battery


Item # ST400

$55.00 - Shipping included!



The Guard Dog Security introduces the world's first and only iStun. The iStun is a cognitive self defense stun gun designed to resemble popular smart phones, yet emits a staggering electric shock able to incapacitate an assailant.


  • 3.8 Million Volts
  • Built-in LED flashlight
  • Built-in rechargeable battery with charging cord
  • Built to resemble the world's most famous smart phone
  • Premium iStun full leather clip on case
  • Safety switch to prevent accidental discharge
  • Convenient for quick use


Although the patented iStun will not make calls or browse the web, it delivers the peace of mind of personal security.


Item # IC380

$50.00 - Shipping included!




SMACK 5,000,000 Volt Stun Gun

( click for larger image | show with case | bottom view )

( see this stun gun in action! )

Small Fry Stun Gun - 8,000,000 Volts

( click for larger image | top view | bottom view )

S.M.A.C.K. keychain stun gun in pink.

Small but carries more power than most. Conceals eaisly it is so small, fits in your palm. Attaches to your keys for quick protection or clips inside purse. Small as a pepper spray but has the punch to knock you down. Best product on the market. A hot seller that is a must for every female.Black also available with nylon case.


  • 5 million volts
  • Built in charger
  • Bright LED light
  • Safety switch
  • Leather case
  • Lifetime Warranty


Item # SK5000

$45.00 - Shipping included!


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Small Fry 8 million volts rechargable stun gun

Great for Moms - this will protect you and your children. With the pull pin out little hands can't turn it on. The children are safe from any accidental discharges. Also great for gals that are fearful the attacker will take it from them. When pulled from your hand the pull pin comes out leaving it disarmed. Also available in Black.

  • Safety pull pin
  • Nylon case
  • Powerful Stun Gun
  • Built in recharger that slides out
  • Rechargeable
  • LED flashlight
  • Disable Pin Safety switch
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Holster


Item # SF8000

$50.00 - Shipping included!


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Coming Soon!

Survival pack with firestarter!

( Currently available only when you order by phone )


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